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ABC Book Keeping + Accounting Services Ltd

ABC has payroll software that is kept up to date with current tax rates and allowances.


Clients use the Payroll service both remotely and with a high level of personal contact. Choosing a mutual working pattern that can be maintained has proved the key to success with this service. The provision of timely information by both parties is essential in meeting deadlines.


ABC needs to be made aware of staff details, employment terms etc.., when staff start; and hours worked, holiday allowance taken etc.. on an ongoing basis. On receipt of the relevant information ABC will process the data and notify you of the PAYE liability and wages due to each individual.


The Payroll Services includes providing:

 Employee payslips

 Maintaining deduction sheets complying with PAYE and NI requirements.

 Keeping a record of statutory sick pay and maternity pay paid.

 Tracking of holiday entitlement

 Production and filing of statutory returns (P11D, P14/60, P32, P35, P45, P46.) 

 Reporting on PAYE and NI liability

 Checking and reimbursing expense claims, tracking benefits received.

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